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Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Have you ever heard yourself say something similar to “part of me wants to go and another part does not” or “part of me is nervous and a part of me is excited. In Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS modality) we create a relationship with these different parts.

Although the name Internal Family Systems makes one think it is family therapy, it is an exploration of our inner system of parts or family that live within us. Internal Family Systems is not a traditional therapy it is an experiential model that does depth work. A combination of body (somatic), mind (exploration of when and why your mind reacts this way), spirit (a deeper connection to one’s internal guide) is used to explore how you navigate the world.

I work with individuals to get to know all aspects of themselves as a way to gain self-trust. Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is a powerful modality that aims to restore harmony and balance to the sometimes overwhelming multiplicity inside. We are all made up of multiple parts, many of which were formed as a way to protect us.

When we liberate parts of ourselves from their extreme roles, we experience a renewed sense of trust and wholeness that allows us to lead from love and intuition in all aspects of our lives.

Have you seen the movie inside out? It is a great illustration of the concept of Internal Family Systems (IFS therapy).

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