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Psychedelic Integration

Do you want assistance making sense of a psychedelic experience?

Did you have strong visions that are sticking with you?

Did you learn something about your past that you want to explore its impact on your life? Did you tap into other levels of consciousness and are unsure what to do next?

May I help you make sense of the emotions that were stirred up?

Working with a therapist can encourage one to get the most out of a psychedelic experience, whether that journey was recently or years ago. Psychedelics can impact an individual on an emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual level. It can open up a person to other states of consciousness, information about previous life experiences, and new perspectives.

I offer pre or post ritual counseling. Please note that I do not facilitate access to psychedelic substances or experiences in any way. During pre-ritual counseling we will discuss how to get the most out of the journey and make a plan to get the best experience possible. Post-ritual, integration counseling is where we can explore the content and assimilate the experience. The word ‘integrate’ stems from Latin integrates, meaning to “to make whole; to complete; to restore; to renew.”

Recently, psychedelics and substances that similarly produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness have experienced a resurgence due to scientific advancements in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapyincreased media attention, and changes to legal restrictions. I have taken an intensive course for clinicians by Psychedelics Today and have been a volunteer with the Zendo Project (Burning Man’s Psychedelic Peer Support Services). I practice harm reduction psychotherapy.

* I do not provide substances or referrals for any kind illegal use of substances. Integration sessions do not in any way encourage or condone the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substances, nor do they encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities.I support a harm reduction approach for the purpose of education, trauma informed care, and promoting individual and public safety.

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